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The Wesleyan Denomination requires several commitments of those who are members of the Church: *

• Regular Weekend Service Attendance (Regular = at least 2X/month – this is recorded by your filling out the Connection Cards during services.) 

• Financial Support through tithe/offering – please use giving envelopes with your name on them. Let us know if you would like preprinted envelopes with an assigned giving number or you can give online at

• Serving – Supporting the ministry of the church through serving (volunteering) regularly.

• Although not a requirement for Wesleyan Denomination Membership, WCH asks that members actively participate in a community group. 

Do you currently serve in a ministry at WCH?
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If you aren’t currently serving we would like to help you find a place to serve that fits your skills and giftedness so that in the 3-6 months ahead you can begin to do this.

Please read and accept the commitment of membership: *

I accept the commitments of Membership to The Wesleyan Church and would like to become a member of the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg to show my commitment to be on mission with God and His purposes for this church and His Kingdom.
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