We are so excited to come along side of you as you consider being baptized. Please allow yourself at least 30 minutes to complete this form which will include your faith story.
It is our privilege to help you prepare well for this significant milestone in your life! We want to hear your faith story of how you came into a personal relationship with Jesus and how He has transformed you and continues to do so in your life.

A key part of preparing for your baptism experience will be writing your faith story.
Here are some questions to think about before you begin:
1. Who is Jesus to you? When did you make a decision to become a Christ follower. How did that happen for you?
2. What does God's forgiveness of your sins through Christ's death and resurrection mean to you?
3. How has God's grace made a difference in your life? How is your personal relationship with Jesus transforming your life from the "old" to the "new"?
4. Why is it important for you to be baptized?
5. How do you hope your faith story will impact others?

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If in school, what grade are you currently in?

Baptism Weekend - One service which includes all campuses: Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 11:00 am at the McKinley Campus

Do you have any special circumstances we should be aware of for your baptism (physical limitations, etc.)?

Please tell us your faith story in the space below. *

Thank you for submitting your baptism preparation form. Pastor Chris Claassen will be in contact with you soon regarding details about the Baptism Service. If you have any questions please email Chris Claassen at cclaassen@wchamburg.org.
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